Sunday, June 23, 2013

Over/Under Rated Seahawks is in the process of releasing lists of each teams most overrated and underrated players in franchise history.  The Seattle Seahawks list will be unveiled on July 10th but I have a good idea of who we might find on those list.

As far as the overrated players go, you can't even begin the conversation without first mentioning Brian Bosworth.  'Bosworthless' was the living definition of the term overrated.  He wasn't awful, but he couldn't have been further from the persona he created--think of Aaron Curry's production combined with Richard Sherman's mouth.

Dave Wyman, the former Seahawks linebacker who was teammates with Bosworth, put it best when the radio show he hosts posed the question "Should Boz hoist the 12th Man flag this season?".  He said that Bosworth wasn't a bad player, but he wasn't good enough to live up to the persona he created for himself. He did not have prototypical size, as Wyman pointed out-- the dude wore size 9 shoes!

Another player I would include on this list that might come off as a tad controversial is our beloved Jim Zorn.   Now, don't get me wrong, I love Jim Zorn-- but I do believe that he is a tad overrated.  I'm not sure he'd even crack my top five all-time Seahawks quarterbacks list.  He had Steve Largent to throw to, one of the best receivers of the era, and he still didn't post that great of numbers.  I think his overrated status lead to him prematurely getting the Redskins coaching job which, in the end, unfairly set back his chances of getting another head coaching job.

As far as underrated guys go, you know I'm going to fly the flag for number eight.  Matt Hasselbeck has been underrated his entire career, even by Seahawks fans.  Hasselbeck took our franchise to unprecedented heights in his time here and throughout his decade of service, Seattle was never counted out as a contender.

Many of you won't remember much from Dave Brown or Joe Nash, but those were two lynch pins of Seattle's early defenses. Dave Brown was a borderline hall of famer at cornerback.  He is still the Seahawks career interceptions leader and at the time of his retirement, he was 7th in the NFL all time in interceptions.  No Seahawks player has appeared in more games than Joe Nash, who wasn't flashy but did his job with remarkable consistency.

It'll be interesting to see's take on who the overrated and underrated players are for our franchise. You can see the list on July 10th at but feel free to voice your opinion in the comments section.

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