Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cardinals Safety gives the finger -- Literally

When Seahawks division rivals Arizona Cardinals went into the Big Easy to take on the Saints-- they lost more than just the game.

Cardinals safety, Rashad Johnson, lost the tip of his left middle finger.

Johnson isn't exactly sure how the injury happened.  Apparently, he simply remembers his hand being numb after a play and noticed blood coming from his glove.  When he got to the sidelines, trainers cut the glove off of his hand.  Only one problem-- the top of his finger, nail and all, remained inside the glove.

The picture below was tweeted from Johnson's twitter account.  He has since undergone surgery, where doctors shaved the bone down to prevent infection and stitched up the wound.  Johnson's availability for this weeks game is questionable as it could take a few weeks to heal.

Man, that looks painful.  Get well soon, Rashad.

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