Monday, November 11, 2013

Seahawks road woes put to rest

Seahawks       33
Falcons          10

For the first time all season, the Seahawks looked like the team that rolled through the latter half of the 2012 schedule. From start to finish they were gelling in all phases.  On the road and on the very same field where there season ended last year.

Marshawn Lynch was in true Beastmode form, rushing for 145 and a touchdown.  Russell Wilson was red hot going 19 for 26, throwing a pair of touchdowns and no interceptions.  The receiving group, which is supposed to be decimated by injuries, played remarkably. Golden Tate had 106 yards receiving with a touchdown, Jermaine Kearse had 75 yards and a touchdown and Doug Baldwin had 5 catches for 76 yards.

The most impressive group for me, though, was the offensive line.

With all that offensive production, it's worth mentioning that Wilson was only sacked once all game.  Not only that, but the team was once again without Pro Bowl center, Max Unger. Both Alvin Bailey and Michael Bowie caught my eye-- and this time, not because they looked like a turnstile.

Atlanta has inexplicably struggled this season, but they're not a bad team by any stretch of the imagination.  Like us, they've been hit hard by injuries.  Unlike us, they haven't been able to find ways to stay in games.

Despite losing Brandon Browner to a groin injury early in the game, our defense shut down the Falcons offense.   This game showed us that, when our offense is firing on all cylinders, our defense can keep us in any game.

With the cornucopia of offensive highlights from this game, without a doubt my favorite play was when the Seahawks ran a flea flicker that resulted in a 43-yard touchdown pass to Kearse.  When you are able to pull off plays like that-- you know your offense is getting the job done.

Another great point of emphasis was the brief appearance of Christine Michael-- boy, is that guy going to be good!

The only thing that made that win even better was the fact that the 49ers lost at home to the Panthers.  Not only does that give us another game of separation from the 49ers-- it also helps us further because it was a common opponent for both teams. As you may well remember, Seattle opened the season by beating the Panthers on their home field.  Now that they've beaten the 49ers on their turf, we have another factor padding our chances of winning the division and securing home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.

There is only 6 games remaining in the regular season.  Seahawks are certainly playoff bound but have two games remaining on their schedule that will determine their path to the Super Bowl.  Seattle faces the Vikings at the CLink this weekend and follow up that game with their bye week.  After that, they host the second-best team in the NFC (New Orleans Saints) on Monday night football and play the 49ers in San Francisco on a short week. 

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