Monday, December 9, 2013

Seahawks fall short

Seahawks    17
49ers          19

It could've all been locked up yesterday.  Seattle could've secured the division and became the top seed in the NFC.  The Seahawks could've put the 49ers in a position to miss the playoffs altogether. If only a few plays had turned out differently, Seattle might be sitting pretty, in complete control of their post season destiny.

It could've gone that way, but it didn't.

Instead, we got missed opportunities and strings of misfortune.  San Francisco may have needed this game more but it also felt like they wanted it more. Seattle looked steady but didn't seem to have any explosiveness. It was a fight between two heavy weights exchanging mighty blows for 4 quarters but the final hay-maker, a 51-yard run by Frank Gore on the final drive, that put the Seahawks down for the count.

I could blame the refs for their ticky-tacky calls but their inconsistency and incompetency plagued and benefited both teams throughout the game. I could blame the absence of Percy Harvin but that shouldn't have mattered. There's no shortage of excuses to be made for losing an important game-- but what's the point in that?

Fact of the matter remains: Seattle is 11-2 and still in control of their post season fate.

Maybe this is just what the Seahawks needed before the playoffs. One last meaningful loss to humble the team before it really counts. I'm not going to tell you that it doesn't matter that we lost, because it does. I always want the 49ers to lose and the Seahawks to win-- regardless of who they're playing or the circumstances.

Seahawks will meet today for Tell The Truth Monday and they will have to admit that Sundays performance was not championship caliber. They'll address it, learn from it and move on.  They're traveling to New York this coming weekend-- the site of this years Super Bowl.  You can bet that is a fact that will be on the the minds of the Seahawks players and coaches alike.

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