Wednesday, February 5, 2014

700,000 attend victory parade

Photo Credit: @brinabear28
I'm hearing that damn-near one million passionate Seahawks fans braved the biting cold to cheer on their champions.  I was at EMP Museum on 5th Avenue and Harrison Street, a main staging area for the parade, before the parade began and was able to see throngs of 12s lining up in preparation for the event.

My Seahawks windbreaker and beanie were insufficient at subduing the cold. It was almost 20 degrees colder in Seattle this morning than it was at kickoff of the Super Bowl, but that didn't seem to hinder fans from making it out.  Chants of "SEA! HAWKS!" echoed throughout the streets while Seattle police herded fans off the parade route.
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 I never could have imagined what this day would be like. I've waited 31 years for my beloved Seahawks to bring a championship back to my city. The day has finally come-- and it did not disappoint. 

Normally, I avoid events like this like the plague, but this was different. This felt like being at the largest family gathering in the world. 700,000 of my distant relatives were gathered in celebration. I was privileged to be among them and sharing their collective joy.

Is this the beginnings of a Seahawks dynasty?  What will become of Sidney Rice?  Will Seattle be able to afford paying big contracts to both Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas? Will Golden Tate be playing elsewhere next season?

We'll have plenty of time to over analyze those questions in the coming months.  None of that matters now.  Today is about this team, this city and the Lombardi Trophy.  Celebrate, Seattle.  We deserve it.

Photo Credit: The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

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