Thursday, April 24, 2014

Offseason Roundup

I haven't written much since the Seahawks Super Bowl victory in February.  Partly because I absolutely abhor the irrelevant articles that flood the internet during football's dry season to take advantage of our NFL addiction and partly to let the enormity of our first world championship to thoroughly soak in.

Still, I can't just abandon my post until training camp is underway. A lot has happened since the victory parade and I figured I would compile my thoughts on these events into one satisfying article.

Our last post at SeahawksFTW was March 14th with a focus on free agency.   Here's what's happened since then:

Seattle was able to resign key veterans Tarvaris Jackson, Tony McDaniel, Steven Hauschka and Sidney Rice. They didn't break the bank bringing these guys back.  Hauschka has been a solid kicker for the team, Jackson is the ideal backup and McDaniel will continue to help shore up the defensive line while we wait and see how Jordan Hill and Jesse Williams progress. When Rice is healthy-- he's terrific.  Unfortunately, he's seldom healthy.  Bringing him back on a low-risk contract was a great move.  I still hope that we draft a receiver at some point, but having Sid on the roster makes me feel a lot more comfortable.

The Seahawks have brought in a few free agents since the last post, but none has stirred up more conversation than the acquisition of former Oakland quarterback, Terelle Pryor.  Seattle merely gave up a seventh-round pick to get Pryor-- who will make less than a million dollars next season. 

I love this move.  Granted, Seattle now has four quarterbacks on their roster despite their propensity for only going with two on the active roster during the season, but my hope is that Pryor won't simply be a clipboard operator.  Pryor is only 24 years old and stands 6'4" weighing 233lbs.  The impressive part-- he ran a 4.38 at his pro day. Pete Carroll seeks out players with unique and extraordinary athletic abilities and Pryor fits that bill. John Schneider said that they haven't had discussions just yet with regard to moving him to a different position, but he eluded to the possibility of that happening, given Pryor's skill set.

Quite possibly the most significant signing for the Seahawks this offseason was that of Pete Carroll. The coach signed a 3-year extension after bringing the city it's first championship.  This was a no-brainer but none the less a relief seeing it get done before the season starts.  Building a championship team is not easy-- building a dynasty is even harder.  The window of opportunity is still wide open for this team but every move they make will factor in to the longevity of their success.

Speaking of keeping integral pieces in tact-- it was reported earlier this week that the Seahawks are currently working on a long-term contract extension that will potentially make Richard Sherman the highest paid cornerback in the league. I'm thrilled that they are working diligently to get Sherm locked up before the season gets underway, but I am a bit concerned about him being the highest paid corner. Don't get me wrong-- he deserves every penny he can get.  I would just hate to see this team shoot themselves in the foot by allocating too much cap space at one position.  Earl Thomas and Russell Wilson are themselves due for a huge pay day soon and there's still 50 other players that make up a roster.  Fortunately, I think we all trust the front office to find a way to make it work out.

Marcus Trufant signed a one-day contract to officially retire as a Seahawk.  Too many have forgotten how great Trufant was in his time here.  Trufant was a part of the team that lead us to our first Super Bowl as well as an All-Pro and Pro Bowl selection. He was good on some pretty bad Seahawks defenses.  On top of that-- he's homegrown.  With the exception of his last season as a Jacksonville Jaguar, he played the entirety of his football career in the state of Washington-- from high school, to college, to the pros. He is almost a lock for the ring of honor in my book.

Some sad news for Seahawks fans was announced yesterday.  Our quarterback, Russell Wilson, has filed for divorce from his wife, Ashton.  In their brief time here in Seattle, they both became beloved fixtures of the community. There hasn't been any information made publicly available as to why they decided to separate just yet.  Unfortunately for them, it will eventually find its way to the public but hopefully they both are able to move on with their lives. They're both great people and I'm sure they'll be able to get past this.

The last thing I wanted to touch on was the announcement of the upcoming NFL schedule.  My first reaction was that it is not going to be easy for Seattle to defend their title. They open up the NFL season by hosting the Packers in a 'Fail Mary' rematch. Their bye week comes so early (week 4) that it serves more as a momentum-killer than it does as a week to recuperate.  They face seven playoff teams from last season and only have one nationally televised home game because of all the home blowouts of last season.

So far, nothing has hindered my expectations for next season but we won't truly have a grip on our chances until the regular season begins.  In the meantime, study the schedule and barring significant breaking news, I'll catch up with you all sometime after the NFL Draft.

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