Monday, October 7, 2013

Seahawks squander opportunity to stay perfect

Colts   34
Seahawks 28

It's 'Tell the Truth Monday' and the truth is that Seattle snatched defeat from the jaws of victory on Sunday.  With all due respect to Colts team that will more than likely be in the playoffs, Seattle should have never even trailed in this game.

The truth is, Seattle did get some bad calls that worked against them Sunday.  There was an absurd offensive pass interference call on Golden Tate and an early blocked punt was ruled a safety when it was fairly evident that it should've been a touchdown. The truth is, those poorly officiated calls should not have decided the outcome of the game.

But, to tell you the truth, I hope this loss serves as a wake up call.

Seattle's next four opponents appear to make up the softest portion of their schedule.  The four games after that might be their most challenging of the season. Heading into these next eight games having been shown that we're human after all might be the best thing for the Seahawks.

Whether you believe it or not, momentum seems to be a powerful factor, especially heading into the playoffs.  If Seattle can make a statement next Sunday at home against the Locker-less Titans and carry that momentum on the road against Arizona and St. Louis, they will find themselves coming home to play the scandal-consumed Buccaneers at 7-1 through the first half of the season.

Getting hot heading into the playoffs won't just give Seattle much needed momentum-- it might mean the difference between the playoffs running through the CLink or not.

The Seahawks will have to return to the scene of their final game last season to play the Falcons on the road, take on the red-hot Saints on Monday Night Football and go up against the 49ers on their turf before the season ends. These 3 games alone could have tremendous impact on playoff seeding in the NFC.

Andrew Luck is a fantastic quarterback.  I still believe Russell Wilson outplayed him on Sunday. I think the Legion of Boom looked lethargic out there-- even Earl Thomas, which is extremely rare.  Bruce Irvin looked pretty good in his first game back from suspension. Jermain Kearse needs his playing time doubled. Seattle should take some cues from the Huskies offense and play a little more uptempo.

There. I told the truth and put that heatbreaker behind me.

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