Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Seahawks win by the skin of their teeth

Seahawks   14
Rams            9

Once again, Seattle showed that they have the resiliency to hang on and win sloppy games. They also proved that the current version of their offensive line couldn't stop a nose bleed.

Seattle's offensive line has been pushed around and manhandled all season long-- and it seems to be progressively getting worse. Granted, Pro Bowl left tackle Russell Okung and veteran right tackle Breno Giacomini will eventually return this season, but with the way things have been playing out, it'd be foolish to expect their returns to alleviate their protection woes.

Seattle only managed 135 yards of total offense, the lowest in a win since 2010, and Seattle had absolutely no idea how to stop the Rams pass rush, allowing 7 sacks on the night. Russell Wilson has been beat up over the past few games and until we start getting guys back from injury, that trend will continue.

Golden Tate was the offensive MVP of the night.  Tate accounted for almost 70% of Seattle's offense with 93 receiving yards and scored both touchdowns.  In a controversial moment, Tate made a big play on an 80 yard touchdown but en route to the end zone, Tate began to taunt the Ram's defensive back, obnoxiously waving bye-bye and making the chatterbox gesture. The defensive back gave Tate a shove as he crossed the goal line and Tate drew a 15 yard taunting penalty that was assessed on the kick off.

It seemed like everyone from John Gruden to Pete Carroll to every radio show host and caller took exception to the taunting-- but not me.

Was it immature?  Yes.  Did the penalty hurt the team? Of course.  Could it have cost them the game? Quite possibly.

Nevertheless, I loved it.

The offense needed a spark.  They had to get fired up to finish that game out strong.  They were getting stymied up to that point and it was a huge play.  Tate stepped up with his usual swagger and made plays to put the Seahawks over the top.

Earl Thomas was hands down the MVP of the defensive side of the ball.  Gruden went on to say, more than once in the course of the broadcast, that Thomas was far and away the top candidate for Defensive MVP of the year. While Richard Sherman and Bruce Irvin made the interceptions that changed the course of the game, it was Thomas' effort and leadership that kept the Seahawks in this game.

Seattle escaped to improve to 7-1 on the season and they have 3 winnable games ahead of them before their bye week. The trade deadline is mere hours away and rumor has it Seattle is going hard after Vikings defensive end, Jared Allen.  While the acquisition of Allen would improve our already insane defensive front, I don't understand why they're not terrified about the state of their offensive line.

If this team can't keep Wilson healthy, who cares if they make the playoffs at all?  If they can't get their offense clicking against the Saints or on the road against the 49ers, they won't win those games, let alone whoever they face in the playoffs.  Don't get me wrong, Arizona and St. Louis have impeccable defensive units, but teams like New Orleans and San Francisco possess offenses that won't be kept out of the end zone for four quarters.  We cannot continue to expect our defense to shut teams out or hold them to field goals.

Even when Okung and Giacomini return, McQuistan, Carpenter and Sweezy are still part of the plan and they have played awful to this point.  God forbid we sustain another injury to our line, too.

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