Friday, August 29, 2014

Seahawks 31 Raiders 41

Well, the Seahawks finished their exhibition schedule with a .500 record-- but that's certainly no cause for alarm.

Losing last night to one of the worst franchises of the past decade might seem potentially concerning, but given the circumstances, the Seahawks are more or less right where they want to be. It's not indicative of a lack of effort or 'playing down' to opponents.  I think it can be attributed to the coaching staff giving more playing time to players on the roster bubble than guys we know we can count on.

Offensively, my eyes were on Terrelle Pryor last night.  I'm very curious to see how his situation will play out.  Seattle will have to cut down to 53 players on Saturday and I cannot remember the last time they kept 3 quarterbacks on the roster.

Knowing that Seattle will most likely only keep a pair of quarterbacks, that boils down the question to who will back up Russell Wilson?  BJ Daniels should have no problem getting through waivers and onto the practice squad, but the same cannot be said for Tarvaris Jackson or Pryor.  Should we cut either of those two, they will definitely get scooped up by another team.

So do we go with Pryor or Jackson as Wilson's backup?  My head says Jackson while my heart says Pryor.  I feel like Jackson would win more games than Pryor as a starter.  Not many more, but even one more could spell the difference between making or missing the playoffs.

Jackson is more accurate of a passer, a better leader and more comfortable in the pocket.  Pryor is a much better athlete, can run for yards (with the size to take some hits) and has the benefit of youth on his side.  I want Jackson for this season, but I want Pryor for next year-- and cutting him doesn't guarantee his availability for next season.

If Jackson is cut, it will be sad to see him go, but he got a ring with us and is plenty capable of continuing his career as a spot-starting backup  or a stop-gap for developing a rookie on another roster.  If we cut Pryor, it will be disappointing having given up a pick to acquire him and without trying to fit him in at another position.

Look at us-- we're speculating, hemming and hawing over backup quarterbacks.  I think its safe to say that we're ready to begin the title!  Let the (regular season) games begin!

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