Saturday, August 16, 2014

Seahawks 41 Chargers 14

After an uncharacteristic preseason loss to the Denver Broncos last week, the Seattle Seahawks seem to have been on the receiving end of a chewing out from Coach Carroll wherein I can only imagine the phrase "Always Compete" was reiterated ad nauseum. 

The team that took the field in Denver last week seemed a little rusty, if not completely unconcerned for the game's outcome all together.  

This week, however, looked a helluva lot more like the team that dominated teams heading into the playoffs. Russell Wilson looked remarkable, completing 11 of 13 passes while rushing for 31 yards and a pair of touchdowns. Collectively, the Seahawks rushed for an impressive 243 yards including a 44 yard sprint to the endzone by 3rd string quarterback, Terrelle Pryor.  

The defense continues to exhibit tremendous depth despite having some key personnel losses.  The Seahawks sacked the Chargers 5 times throughout the night. There was a little rust on display, but ultimately the defense looks ready to defend their title. 

Steven Hauschka was solid yet again-- he might be the most underrated/under-appreciated player on this roster.

The main area of concern  for me in the wake of this game is the question of who exactly will be the Seahawks return man this season.  The coverage units look outstanding, Hauschka and Ryan are Pro Bowl-level talents but who will be the return stud?  Please don't tell me it's Bryan Walters.  Having Earl Thomas back there makes me a bit nervous, too-- but for safety purposes as opposed to production concerns.  I think Percy Harvin is the best bet.  Sure, he's an injury liability, but we paid him big money to be an explosive playmaker.  We've got the receiver depth to overcome a potential injury scenario so I say let him loose!

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