Monday, August 31, 2015

Preseason Week 3-- Seahawks 16 Chargers 15

The Seahawks managed to escape San Diego with a narrow win thanks to Steven Hauschka's 60-yard field goal. Still, the team doesn't quite look to be in regular season form.

The offense can't seem to find it's legs.  Darrell Bevel's play calling had me scratching my head.  Russell Wilson was holding on to the ball too long.  Jimmy Graham looks to be a dynamic receiver-- but hasn't grasped his blocking assignments.

Heaven help us if anything should happen to Marshawn Lynch.

There were times when the blocking seemed to hold up great, but consistency is far from where it needs to be. With one game remaining in the preseason, Seattle needs to get it's offensive line sorted out and fast.

Tyler Lockette has flashed his brilliance with every game and this one was no exception.  He hauled in a 10-yard pass and a 67-yard punt return for a touchdown. The single most refreshing observation from preseason is knowing that our Seahawks will have a dangerous special teams unit that we can rely on to pick up the slack, should our offense or defense falter.

Defensively, the Seahawks look pretty sharp, but the secondary continues to give me pause.  I wasn't exactly thrilled with the Carey Williams signing to begin with and his performance this preseason only justifies my concerns. More concerning is Tharold Simon's inability to push him for the job opposite Richard Sherman.

Jeremy Lane might not be available until mid-season, so Marcus Burley, Simon, Williams and Will Blackmon have to step up their game.  Especially as the status of Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor remain highly uncertain for the opener in St. Louis.

By Tuesday at 4pm, all NFL teams must trim their rosters down to the 75-man limit. September 5th they'll have to cut it all the way down to the 53-man maximum for the regular season. It won't be long after this coming Thursday that we know exactly who we have for this season.

While I would imagine the Seahawks brass have a pretty clear picture as to what this team will look like, there will be some jobs still to be earned in Thursday's home match up against the Raiders.  However, the most pressing priority for the team has to be getting Kam Chancellor back into the fold at VMAC.

My understanding of the salary cap is minimal, but according to, the Seahawks have $5,309,385 of cap space going into the 2015 season. I'm not sure what the Seahawks plans are with that money, but I have to assume that there should be enough to fatten up Chancellors deal and guarantee the years remaining on his deal.

We can argue all we like about how he should honor his deal, but the fact of the matter is that NFL contracts aren't always honored by the organization.  Had Kam performed poorly last season, Seattle could simply cut him without another word. 

Kam is a leader on the field and a tremendous asset to our community.  We 12s should consider him family-- you wouldn't advise a family member to be content with their wage despite well-outperforming their job description?  Why would this be any different?

Wilson, Thomas, Sherman, Wagner and Wright are locked in.  Everybody we want is pretty secure on this team, so long as they perform well this season. Giving Chancellor a bump and some guarantees shouldn't have any negative effect on the team's well being in the long term-- so why not reward greatness?

The Seattle Seahawks are less than 2 weeks away from the start of something incredible-- making it to three consecutive Super Bowls.  Our window doesn't appear to be closing anytime soon, so why not do all we can to keep it propped open as long as possible?

Let's get Chancellor back in action and make sure the 50th Lombardi trophy ends up in the Pacific Northwest.

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