Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Kam Chancellor is injured-- as far as I'm concerned

As far as any of us should be concerned, Kam Chancellor is injured with no timetable as of yet for his return.

Now let it go-- we have a game to focus on.

There is literally nothing we as fans can do to expedite Kam's reunion with his teammates.  It doesn't matter whose side we take and we're even beyond the point of casting blame on either side. Sure, Kam has a contract that we'd all prefer that he honor-- but we also are well aware of the fact that contracts are merely "temporary agreements" in the NFL.

A holdout is the only way for a player to create leverage in these situations.  Still, that leverage only goes so far.  Once you're in the position that Kam now finds himself in, where you're missing regular season games, your leverage is all but gone.

Perhaps if Seattle goes on a multi-game skid, some of that leverage may re-emerge, but its more likely that the Seahawks brass would be perturbed by the team's change in fortune and blame it on Kam out of spite. That's the only possible explanation I could fathom for Chancellor's decision to continue this hold out when it appears highly unlikely that the Seahawks have any designs on budging from their position.

If I were the Seahawks, I would give up all hope of him coming back this season.  If he's willing to forgo regular season games-- of which players are granted too few in their brief careers-- then you have to assume he will go all the way with it. I would answer every single inquiry on the subject with "The door is open.  He's under contract and he has a spot on this roster.  We hope he returns soon but there will be absolutely no restructuring of his contract."

I would quote that verbatim until he's back at the VMAC preparing for the next game.

If I were Kam and I was as committed to this as he appears to be, I would return to my team-- but you can bet I would be a distraction.

I would've been there for my teammates.  I would've been the starting strong safety for that first game. I would've put it all on the line to win for them. But every time a reporter stuck a microphone near my mouth, I would be bitching and moaning.

"It was a great team win today. It just shows the love we have for our fans and teammates.  It's unfortunate that ownership doesn't feel the same way about any of us. I played injured for a good part of last season, but I sacrificed myself for the good of the team.  Its upsetting to know that the team doesn't echo that sentiment toward its players."

I would seize every opportunity to praise my teammates, put the best on film each week and vilify the organization in every sentence.

Whether he likes it or not-- Kam is Seahawks property for the next three seasons.  If he doesn't show up, the contract length stays the same but Father Time waits for no one.  Kam is making his point to be sure-- but he's also sending another message whether he intends to or not.

He's telling his teammates that he values money over winning.  He's telling 31 other franchises that he will dig his heels in if he believes he's not wrong.

The Seahawks could essentially see to it that Kam plays for them or never again in this league.  I would hate for it to come anywhere close to that.  But I'm also sick to death of hearing about this story.  I will not tolerate every loss or shortcoming to circle back to this holdout.  I don't want Dion Bailey on trial every week.  I just want this team to win.

Whether that is with or without Kam Chancellor is up to no one but him-- and no one but him has any input in that decision. So, for now, let's just consider him injured and wish him a speedy recovery.  Until we see #31 on the field, there's no sense in wasting any energy entertaining the subject.

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