Monday, December 8, 2014

Seahawks Ready to Soar into Playoffs

San Francisco wasn't the only ones to suffer a devastating blow on Thanksgiving-- I separated my shoulder in our annual Turkey Bowl game and subsequently haven't been able to write about these last two displays of dominance from our Seahawks.

While my shoulder has been all but inoperable, my eyes continue to work just fine.  What I've seen out of our Seahawks in the past two performances gives me plenty of confidence with regard to our Super Bowl title defense.

Starting with the Cardinals game before Thanksgiving, Seattle's defense seems to have come alive.  They continued to appear to be in Super Bowl form on Thanksgiving against the 49ers where they damn near held Kaepernick under 100 yards while reducing the Niners once coveted run game to a mere afterthought. The highlight of the holiday was seeing Wilson and Sherman feasting on turkey legs right on top of the 49ers logo at the 50-yard line.

After handling two tough divisional opponents, the true test came yesterday when they faced the red hot Eagles in Philadelphia.  After all, as good as we know the Cardinals and 49ers can be, we have to acknowledge the free fall both teams have found themselves in the latter part of this season. The Eagles, on the other hand, had just decimated a Cowboys team that had their way with our Seahawks in Seattle just a few short weeks ago.

However, not unlike last season's 4th quarter of the regular season, it seems like it doesn't matter who the opponent is-- Seattle is gonna do Seattle.

Wilson continues to be a magician on offense.  He thew for 263 yards and a pair of touchdowns while rushing for another 48 yards and a touchdown. Lynch had a hard earned 86 yards against an Eagles team that held the NFL's leading rusher (DeMarco Murray) to a paltry 73 rushing yards on Thanksgiving. Seattle's championship-ready defense held Chip Kelly's offense to 61 yards less than their previous all-time low under the revolutionary head coach.

Chip's got a history of complaining to the refs when his team isn't performing.
Despite the ups and downs of this season, everybody should feel great about where the Seahawks are at.  If they can manage to handle the 49ers at next week, who are coming off a loss to the NFL's worst franchise of the past decade, they should be playing Arizona for the division title on December 21st.  All signs currently point to both opponents continuing to trend downward, despite Arizona's comeback win against the Chiefs yesterday, which bodes well for the skyrocketing Seahawks.

The 49ers are a mess.  The Cardinals are on their 3rd quarterback and just put their best running back on IR for the remainder of the season. Seattle, meanwhile, is clicking everywhere.  The receivers are making great plays when their number is called, we're getting production from every running back, Russell Wilson gets better with every game, the LOB is back to form, Bobby Wagner is back to health and the defensive line is getting production from a committee of young players and veterans in the absence of Brandon Mebane.

Add to all of that the fact that most of the guys on this roster have been here before.  They have experienced what it takes to maintain focus down the stretch into a Super Bowl run.  Last night's victory has me fired up for these last few games.  I don't think there's a team in the NFL that can beat these Seahawks if they're playing their best football.  Unlike last year, I'm not the least bit worried if the Seahawks have to hit the road for the playoffs-- these guys can win anywhere.

Still, the Seahawks need to make sure they don't sleep on St. Louis for that final game of the season.  That match up could hold playoff seeding implications and the Rams might be the best .500 football team of all time.

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