Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Can't Hardly Wait

Why does this weekend feel so far away?

This week is just a meaningless stretch of days leading up to the penultimate game of the Seahawks magical season. Sure, the coaches and players are no doubt using this time to prepare for the task ahead-- but what about us fans?

Personally, the suspense is killing me.

But what can we do about it?  Well, the good thing about being one of the final four teams left in contention is that the national media is actually paying our Seahawks some attention. I've manage to distract myself from the anxiety of waiting by watching highlight clips of the season and wearing a different Seahawks shirt everyday this week. It helps.  Sort of.

My mind can't help but wander past this weekend.  I keep thinking about the Seahawks playing in the Super Bowl.  Russell Wilson squaring off against either Tom Brady or Peyton Manning.  I think about watching the team I've followed for almost 30 years returning to the world's biggest stage for only the second time in franchise history-- and this time, they get what's theirs.

I imagine watching that game, surrounded by loved ones, but specifically with my daughter.  What will it feel like when we watch together as Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman are on that podium, hoisting that trophy that has eluded us for so long? What memories of this season will stay with us for the rest of our lives?  What will happen when our time has finally come?

It's going to be incredible, for sure.  The thing that has changed from our first Super Bowl appearance 8 years ago to now is that I've learned to appreciate every game, every drive and every moment.  This past season has been filled with more than its share of memorable moments defined by extraordinary players.  This team will not be the same next year or ever again. The Seahawks are most definitely built for longevity, but there are some characters on this squad that we've come to love who might very well be sporting different colors next season.

As I wait in great anticipation for Sunday's Championship game, my confidence grows. I look back on this season and I can see why the Seahawks have made it this far and why I know they have not even peaked yet. With every passing day my confidence grows and I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to watch this team.  I am anxious, I am grateful, I am excited, I am confident, I am a believer.

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