Monday, January 27, 2014

Get Pumped for the Super Bowl

Finally! It's Super Bowl week!

As the world gets ready for the final football game of the 2013 season, we're left with nothing but speculation and anticipation. I figured I could compile some stats that show the Seahawks in a favorable light or continue the debate on Richard Sherman but instead I've chosen to take a more optimistic approach.

Rather than argue numbers and hypotheticals, lets just be grateful that our team is in the big game.  Lets instead get fired up for this game!  Here's some of my favorite videos to watch in preparation for the Super Bowl.

This one has every touchdown the Seahawks scored this season.

This is the track my daughter and I made last season-- still holds up!

This video shows the passion of the 12s with a happy ending.

Had to put this up for Seattle's sons, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis-- congrats on 4 Grammys!

Tribute to the LOB!

Making a champion.

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