Friday, January 17, 2014

Championship Blue Friday

As coach would say:  "It's the day before the day before!"

The longest week of our lives is coming to an end.  Pretty soon, the speculation will dissipate and it we'll be left with nothing but the game itself.  Nothing has shaken my confidence this week.  I'm not concerned with whether or not Percy Harvin can play.  If he does, great.  If not, we'll be fine without him.

So, what do the Seahawks need to do to win this game?

I think the single biggest factor in who will take home the George Halas trophy is in the run game. Seattle needs to make sure the Beast is well-fed and that San Francisco is forced to try to beat us through the air.

Colin Kaepernick has never beaten the Seahawks at home-- and I don't expect that to change this Sunday.

I have nothing but praise for Kaepernick's athletic abilities.  He's faster than all strong quarterbacks and stronger than all fast quarterbacks.  He's got a powerful arm and he's not afraid to air it out. It's what's between his ears that brings him down to the middle of the pack.

If the defense can stuff the run and force Kaepernick to throw from the pocket, then it's just a match up of their receivers versus our secondary.  I'll take those match ups all day long.

The noise got to Kaep in the previous two games here in Seattle.  The tremendous significance of this Sunday's game would lead you to believe that it's only going to be louder this time around.

I'm afraid you won't have Dr. Dre to bail you out of this one, Colin.

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