Wednesday, January 29, 2014

If you're a 12th Man-- This should piss you off

Last night before bed, I decided to watch some videos on to get me fired up for Sunday.  Media day was full of memorable moments with various Seahawks.  Marshawn's interview with Deion Sanders was spectacular, Sherman was entertaining as always and Russell continues to make us proud to call him the face of our franchise. The video stream trickled on, interrupted only by the occasional commercial, until I came across this video of NFL analysts debating who might be the MVP of Super Bowl XLVIII.

Right away you'll notice that no Seahawks are proposed as potential MVP candidates.  Translation: none of them think that we stand a chance at winning this game. Not only do they feel like its virtually impossible for Seattle to come out on top in this game-- they take it a step further at the end of the video to mock Sherman's post-conference championship antics.

Normally, I shrug off this type of nonsense, knowing that we'll have the last laugh.  For some reason, this video pissed me off. They're acting as if there's no chance Seattle can slay the mighty Peyton Manning.  The mere suggestion that Wes Welker is going to dominate on slant routes is comically off base.

What about the rest of you 12s?  Does this anger you or are you brushing it off? Perhaps I'm just hypersensitive because of the totality of this match up. Or, maybe, I have a right to be angered by someone thinking that the #1 defense doesn't have a prayer going up against the #1 offense.

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  1. We as 12's KNOW what's going to happen and we're used to being bashed. That's why our team plays so 'chippy' because they're used to being bashed, and it just fuels they hatefire. I'll gladly wear that chip on my #24 jersey draped shoulder.